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 A Supreme Diagnosis.


I went to the Lord’s clinic to have my routine check up and I conveyed I was ill!


When God took my B.P., he saw I was low in Tenderness

When he read my temperature, the thermometer registered 40 degrees of Anxiety

He ran an ECG and found that I needed several “love bypasses” since my arteries were blocked with Loneliness and could not provide for an Empty heart

He also found I was shortsighted since I could not see beyond the shortcomings of my brothers and sisters

When I complained about deafness, the diagnostic was that I had stopped listening to God’s voice talking to me on a daily basis



  1. What a lovely posting. How wonderful is that?! Taping into Cosmic Intelligence and Source Energy is so important in healing. Bravo Dr. Simi.

    • Thanks dear Sally.
      Yes, to find the way for our unique Wellness needs requires us to be in touch with our (higher) selves and sometimes life can be such that we lose that contact, to live our authentic life.
      Go well!

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