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A Nation's Secret to Happiness?


Could this be The Secret to the High Score of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan?


In the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, where contentment supposedly reigns and sorrow is denied entry, it’s people are expected to think about death 5 times a day. That is remarkably surprising especially for a culture that is equated to Happiness. Not necessarily, a recent research suggests that by thinking of death so often, the Bhutanese may be onto something!


Study by University of Kentucky Students

A study conducted at the University of Kentucky in 2007 on two groups of students, by Nathan DeWall and Roy Baumesiter, where one group was instructed to contemplate their own death and the other a painful visit to the dentist concluded that death is a psychological threatening fact but when people contemplate it, they automatically begin to search for happy thoughts.

Linda Leaming, author of  ‘A Field Guide To Happiness’ a book on Bhutan, wrote ” I realized thinking about death doesn’t depress me. It makes me seize the moment and see things I might not ordinarily see ” She writes, ” My best advice: Go there, Think the unthinkable ”

One of the explanations is the country’s deep Buddhist beliefs, especially that of reincarnation. When you know life will continue again, you are less likely to fear the end of this particular one. Buddhists, like many other Eastern religions, compare dying to discarding of old, worn out clothes. This isn’t to say Buddhists don’t experience fear or sadness. They do. But they don’t flee from their emotions.


To this I will add a quote by Jim Rohn,

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the Future; it is something you design for the Present”


To your creation of joy and happiness,

Dr Simi


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Do Smartphones Cause ADHD like Symptoms?

Do Smartphones Cause ADHD like Symptoms?

Is Digital Information overload altering the Wiring and Circuitry of our Brains and Body?


Research at the University of Virginia shows that when students kept their mobile phones on Ring/Vibrate mode with alerts on, they reported symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity, akin to ADHD, than when they kept their phones on Silent mode.

The Univ of Virginia study led by research scientist Kostadin Kushlev, assigned 221 students for a period of one week with their mobile phones within easy reach and maximal phone interruptions by keeping their phone alerts on and another week with mobile phones away, minimal phone interruptions by keeping the alerts off.

At the end of each week, the participants completed questionnaires assessing inattention and hyperactivity. The results showed that participants experienced significantly higher levels of inattention and hyperactivity when the phone alerts were turned on.


“We found the first experimental evidence that smartphone interruptions can cause greater inattention and hyperactivity — symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — even in people drawn from a nonclinical population,” – University of Virginia research scientist Kostadin Kushlev.


The study concluded that people not diagnosed with ADHD, experienced some of the disorder’s symptoms including distraction, fidgeting, restlessness, losing focus etc.


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Your Wellness Journey.


Your Journey to Wellness Sometimes Starts with Many Questions.

As a Practitioner,  I am frequently asked these questions:

  • “Have you  treated or can you treat XYZ dis-ease?”
  • “Can the treatment / remedy you prescribe get rid of XYZ disease or symptom?”
  • “Can you get me Well?”


My answer is, I can certainly assist you on your path to Wellness using my knowledge, experience as well as the use of various modalities in personalising and delivering your Wellness programs, but it is ultimately you who will get yourself Well.

The factors causing your situation and the journey to resolution are unique to YOU! Here you will gain your own Why’s, insights, experiences, lessons to learn, new ways of thinking and lifestyles that serve you. The path is a process not a protocol.

… Appreciate what you have, Focus on your Wellness, more than your illness. Focus on what you want (your wellness and vibrant health) rather than what you don’t (your named illness and symptoms). And… Seek assistance when needed to optimise your best result for what you clearly want.

What you focus on expands!


To your Wellness…

Dr Simi Khanna

The Glorious Sun.


The Glorious Sun – My Favorite Planet!


My favorite planet Mr Sun is paying us here a special glorious visit. He is a body, heart and soul warming fella, although you don’t want to know his wrath!

Such a visit brings cheer to all the species here, not just us humans. The plant kingdom beams with colorful flowers, the grass grows and the birds make melodious music.

Do Welcome and Mingle with him outdoors, we want him to know how much we really appreciate him so he makes such visits often. He is the source of light, warmth and energy for all the planets.

He is the bearer of many gifts ,  the special one being Vitamin D, which improves your bone health, brain function and enhances the Immune System.

Nitric Oxide, which lowers Blood pressure.

Serotonin, the Feel good hormone, which lifts depression.

Melatonin regulation which improves sleep quality, Healing Light rays especially beneficial for some with skin challenges, Energy for plants by Photosynthesis. Even the yogi’s salute him with their Surya Namaskar sequence.

He beams in these special gifts through your bare skin  but do be aware he prefers people to be respectably dressed for longer periods in his presence.


Soak in his BENEFICIAL RAYS, bask in his golden shine, walk barefoot on the grass, if you can. ENJOY!


Email if you have any questions.


Healthy Breakfast Options - Nutri- Porridge


I am often asked for some Healthy Breakfast Options, as breakfast, although it doesn’t have to be so, is usually a different kind of meal to lunch and dinner.

I will share with you my favorite healthy breakfast options, starting with this one today!



 All Organic, suitable for folks on Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy, Gluten and Egg free diets.


What’s in Nutri-Porridge?

  • GF OATS – You can use other GF grains of your choice, eg Millet, Buckwheat etc . I favor Oats which I find soothing.
  • SEEDS – of your choice. I like to use Pumpkin, sunflower, chia, linseeds, SPROUTED Alfa-alfa and Broccoli seeds.
  • NUTS – of your choice. I use a mixture of whole and ground nuts. My choice is mainly almonds, walnuts, pine nuts.
  • BERRIES – as per availability/ choice. I like to use Blueberries and Goji berries.
  • FRUIT/S – (other) variable eg half a banana, half an apple or a few pieces of pineapple…
  • SUPER FOODS – a wide variety available now a days, e.g, powdered Greens, Spirulina, Maca etc. Currently, I open up 2 capsules of Collagen (hydrolysed) and sprinkle them on the mixture.
  • LIQUIDS – I prefer Water, but you may use Coconut water in which case there may not be need of much fruit.
  • GARNISH – Sometimes I add Almond or Walnut butter as a garnish on top.


Nutri-Porridge Proportions?

Variable per your choice and quantity of consumption. I use less oats, 1-2 bits of fruit, & more of nuts, seeds etc..


Nutri-Porridge Preparation?

I may soak the oats separately overnight or may not depending upon time! If soaked, you can discard the water which will remove some of the starch. It is beneficial to soak the nuts and some seeds which make them easier to digest.

Prior to heating the oats in a stainless steel or ceramic saucepan, I usually prepare and get the rest of the ingredients like nuts, seeds, chopped fruit, super-food powders, etc… together in a bowl of my choice.

It usually looks quite colorful and appetizing!

Then I start heating the oats with a small amount of water as I like the consistency to be thick. You can add the desired amount of liquid to make it thick/runny, to the consistency you enjoy. The mixture gets quite gelatinous and sticks to the pan fast, hence I put together the rest of the ingredients in the bowl first so I can constantly stir this oats mixture.

Cook first on medium high heat and then reduce heat till cooked and to the desired consistency. Turn off the heat and spoon the creamy oats onto the colorful nutritious Nature’s mix in your bowl.


Appreciate, sit down and enjoy your  warm Nutri-porridge healthy breakfast right away before it turns cold !


Email if you have any questions.


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A Wellness Exercise. What you Focus on EXPANDS!


What you focus on EXPANDS!


Focus On


Your WELLNESS – rather than – Your Illness

Breathing, Laughing (OXYGEN) – rather than – Smoking, Stressing..

                                Moving  (Exercise) -rather than- Sitting                                         

Sun-LIGHT -rather than – WiFi…

Wholesome ORGANIC – rather than – Junk Processed Non-organic

AQUA PURA, Coconut water, Herbal teas – rather than – Cola’s, Soda’s, Alcohol

Sit down ENJOYABLE meals – rather than – Stand up- Gobble down stuff

Healthy FATS – rather than – Sugar, Refined Carbs

NATURAL – rather than – Synthetic

SLEEP (Regeneration) – rather than – Late nights, TV (Degeneration)

SMILING – rather than – Moping

MUSIC – rather than – Gossip

ACTION – rather than – Procastination

LISTENING – rather than – Only Talking

Being INTERESTED – rather than – Being Interesting

APPRECIATING – rather than – Merely Criticising

COURAGE – rather than – Weakness

HOPE – rather than – Regret

FAITH – rather than – Doubt

PLENTY – rather than – Scarcity

PRESENT & FUTURE – rather than – Past

I  AM – rather than – I AM NOT

 To Your Wellness

Dr Simi Khanna

 A Supreme Diagnosis.


I went to the Lord’s clinic to have my routine check up and I conveyed I was ill!


When God took my B.P., he saw I was low in Tenderness

When he read my temperature, the thermometer registered 40 degrees of Anxiety

He ran an ECG and found that I needed several “love bypasses” since my arteries were blocked with Loneliness and could not provide for an Empty heart

He also found I was shortsighted since I could not see beyond the shortcomings of my brothers and sisters

When I complained about deafness, the diagnostic was that I had stopped listening to God’s voice talking to me on a daily basis


Wellness Apps for Your Smartphone.


Wellness Apps for your Smartphone and Computer that Protect Your Health!

Recent research indicates exposure to Bright and Blue-spectrum light late in the evening produced by LCD screens may disturb the natural rhythm of your body and cause sleep and other health disruptions.

Your eyes have photo(light) receptors which are sensitive to a narrow band of blue light (460 – 480 nanometers) that mimics sunlight and suppresses the production of an important hormone, Melatonin responsible for healthy sleep-wake cycles and body regeneration.

Studies show an average person reading or working on a Smartphone or Tablet for a couple of hours before bed time may find their sleep shorter by about an hour and may cause hyperactivity especially in children.


These 2 Smartphone Apps make your device screen adapt to the Sun cycle.

  1. f.lux for Desktop and Latop Computers
  2. Twilight App for Android

As sunset approaches your screen’s blue light emission reduces gradiently to protect your eyes and health.


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Lack of EnergyH.S. - Lack of Energy

When I started the program, I was suffering from lack of energy and inability to actively perform my day-to-day functions.

In the afternoon my energy was so low I had to go to sleep. No amount of Vitamin tablets were able to pick me up.

Having completed my Program I have regained my energy and zest for life.

Even though a few weeks late I am writing to say a big Thank you!

I now work every day till 7pm and do not feel tired. It was a mini miracle as far as I am concerned and would have no hesitation in recommending your treatments to any of my friends or colleagues.

Good wishes in your efforts to assist people to regain vitality using Natural, drug free technology.

Mr H.S. (London)

Study Reveals Dangerous Molecules of Bacteria in Processed Foods.


Leicester University Study reveals Dangerous Molecules of Bacteria in Processed Foods.


A new study published in the journal of ‘Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular diseases’ headed by Dr C. Erridge at the University of Leicester has shed further light on the problems associated with consuming processed foods.

Analysis of processed foods done found majority of the products contained a bacteria that gives rise to PAMPS (Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns) which is linked to various disease states including Cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

The processed foods included:

  • Burgers and sausages
  • Ready chopped vegetables
  • Ready meals especially Lasagne / Bolognese
  • Certain cheeses and chocolates


Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit hardly have any PAMPS, but once the food is chopped finely and left for some time they appear and are thought to grow with refrigeration and processing.

A diet low in PAMPS tested on a group of people for one week showed:

  • Lowering of body weight (average 0.6kg)
  • Reduced weight circumference (1.5cm)
  • 18% lowering of harmful cholesterol levels


The researchers say the risk to consumers can be greatly reduced by food manufacturers through detecting and eliminating the source of contamination in food production.

This would make the food healthier with hardly any change in taste or cost.


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