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The Ultimate Brain 'Supplement'.


The Ultimate brain supplement that actively prevents Neuro-Degeneration and unhealthy states of  the brain, is not derived from food or Nutritional Supplements, it is Physical Exercise!

Unhealthy and Degenerative Brain states like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Depression, Cognitive decline affect the quality of our lives and are all on the rise. Studies show Exercise is the Ultimate Brain supplement that can actively prevent these maladies by stimulating and increasing levels of BDNF in the brain.


BDNF, short for ‘Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor’ is a substance produced in the hippocampus of the brain that is essential for the Survival, Maintenance and Growth of the nerve cells or neurons.

Increase in BDNF levels encourages the  growth and regeneration of neurons and thus is a valuable tool in preventing Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other Neuro-degenerative diseases.

While there are other factors that also contribute to increase in BDNF production, the greatest increase occurs with Physical Exercise !   

What kind of physical exercise increases this BDNF?

BDNF stimulation and increase occurs with most exercise, however the greatest increase has been found to occur with exercise that makes you huff and puff !

That could be various forms of Aerobic exercises, Acrobatics, Resistance exercises and even includes Dancing!

Here are some ways you could begin to incorporate this valuable tool in your daily life for preventing unhealthy states like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Depression and Cognitive decline.

Find a form of Exercise you enjoy

Research has found that enjoyable voluntary exercise increases BDNF levels more than enforced forms of exercise. It also means that you will stick with doing it and thus reap its health promoting rewards.

Do Something Regularly and preferably Daily

Research shows that shorter periods (twenty to sixty minutes) of daily or frequent exercise is more effective than longer periods of infrequent exercise.

Add Variety to your Exercise Regime

Incorporate exercises that provide Novelty and Variety to your exercise regime which improve agility, balance, coordination and also prevent boredom.

Get Outdoors

Exercising outdoors especially in quiet green spaces improves blood flow to the brain, an important factor in brain function . Additionally sunshine and Vitamin D has also been found to increase BDNF levels.

So make optimal use of this invaluable, inexpensive, innate supplement, wear your sneakers or dancing shoes, create an exercise program for yourself that has novelty, that you can do frequently, preferably outdoors and which makes your heart sing and benefits your Brain, body and entire Wellness !


To Your Wellness!

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Nature to Our Rescue - Air Filtering Houseplants.


More Indoor Time May Mean More Indoor Toxins.


As we humans are now spending more time Indoors, it is beneficial to re-visit the indoor plant study conducted by NASA, on the toxins that were found in the indoor air and using some of the plants found in the study to effectively remove those toxins to improve the quality of the air we breathe!


Although the toxins present in each individual space  would depend on what was present in the Space, the most common ones found along with Dust and mould were:

  • Trichloroethylene
  • Xylene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonia
  • Benzene


The toxic symptoms commonly linked with short term exposure to these toxins found were Dizziness, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Drowsiness, Ear Nose Throat irritation, Sore throat, Asthma, Cough, Confusion, Heart problems, Liver and Kidney damage.


The Study also then went on to find that certain Plants could come to our rescue by releasing not only Oxygen but also effectively  clearing the indoor air of these toxins, moulds, dust, paint, etc….

To Effectively carry out this task, the plants need to be  of a certain height and number depending upon the dimensions of the area involved.

Six of the plants that were found to be the most effective in purifying the quality of indoor air were,

Aloe Vera, which  releases Oxygen, absorbs Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide , Formaldehyde and can replace an air-purifier in the space.

Ficus Elastica which does not need a lot of light is also very effective in removing Formaldehyde, although its leaves can be poisonous, especially if children and pets are in the house.

Ivy was found to effectively clear 60% of the toxins in the air in 6 hours.

Spider Plant which performs Photosynthesis under minimal light also absorbed Formaldehyde, Carbon monoxide, Gasolene and Styrene.

Snake plant, an endurable plant was beneficial especially in the bedroom as it also released Oxygen at night.

Peace Lilies, 3 to 4 plants placed per 80 square meter area were found to remove Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene in that space.


Let us continue to look for and work with the wonders provided by Nature to improve our Health and Livingness !


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And the Key Detox of All.


Having looked at the body’s inherent modes of detoxification and various ways to support them, we should not overlook the key detox of all; the Detoxification or Clearing of Toxic Emotions.


Toxic emotions such as Anger, Guilt, Shame, Self- loathing, Fear, Regret, Bitterness, Resentment… affect all areas of one’s life.  The effects of such embedded emotions impinge on your physical health, relationships,  sabotage progress , and impede your joy & vitality.

Different types of Toxic emotions have been linked to various body parts and organs. Anger to Liver and Gall bladder, Fear to Kidneys, Grief to Heart, Disgust to Intestines, Lungs to Anxiety, Unexpressed Resentment to Joints…


There has been a great surge of Techniques in the recent years for Clearing of Toxic Emotions as indeed they are the key to restoring Health.

However some areas to ponder over and consider, to resolve or dissolve those areas are:

  • Facing up to or Looking closely at the incidents of discord or distress leading up to these emotions
  •  Restoring Communication with your self, your body and others
  • A Softening of heart and attitude towards others and yourself
  • A change  in your perspective, viewpoint and outlook about those areas
  • Learning valuable lessons from the experiences & adopting an Attitude of Gratitude for them
  • Using Laughter and Joy as tools to dissolve the discord
  • Treating Life as a Game


To your Joy

Dr Simi


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The Forgotten Channel of Detoxification.


The Forgotten Channel of Detoxification

My last blog post talked about Detox and Cleanses to Get Back to Good Health. Continuing the subject of Detoxification, the Drainage system of the body which is oft forgotten, the importance of which can not be stressed enough is the Lymphatic System.

This network of Lymph channels is larger than the Arterial system and travels along with the blood vessels and nerves in the body and carries a milky white fluid.

The Lymphatic system removes waste from every cell in our body and also regulates the Immune system as the important cells of our Immune system are highly active in the Lymph nodes of our body. It is the biggest waste drain in our body which if not supported can get clogged.

Some Symptoms of Lymph Congestion are Tiredness, Bloating, Swelling (including of Breasts), Stiff and sore muscles, Dry skin, Itchy skin, Brain fog, Cold hands and feet.


Supporting Lymph Drainage

The Lymph system drains well in an alkaline and hydrated environment. STRESS and Acid forming Diets decrease the alkalinity of the body cells. Drinking adequate amount of WATER is a very important habit to keep the Lymph flowing. All RED FOODS and HERBS speed the movement of Lymph eg Beets and Berries. EXERCISE plays an important role especially the use of Trampoline Rebounder and climbing up and down the stairs are effective Lymph moving exercises. Massage is another good Lymph mover.

It is important to have the channels of detoxification open and flowing well before undertaking any stringent cleanses so that the toxins can be moved out of the body without harming or straining it.

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Detox and Cleanses to Get Back to Good Health?


Detox and Cleanses to get back to Good Health?


Detox and Cleanses are very much talked about these days as the way back to good health.

It is worth noting that the body has its own natural detox methods and channels in place. The body is detoxing when we Sleep, the liver is cleansing the blood and Human Growth hormone is being released. It is detoxing when we eat high quality Food, Herbs and Spices. It is detoxing when we Breathe and Oxygenate it well. It is detoxing when we Exercise and Sweat. It is detoxing when we Drink the right amount of fluid. It is detoxing when we provide it Sunlight and Healthy vibratory frequencies.

The body also detoxes when we have any kind of Naturopathic treatment, of which there are many, including Massage.

For the body to detoxify naturally it is extremely important that its channels of elimination and detoxification are open. Detoxification occurs through all major channels of the body, Sleep, Bowel, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Lymph, Skin…

For Detox and Cleansing to happen naturally we need:

  • Good sleep
  • Wholesome clean and nutritious food
  • Good balance of fluids
  • Optimum oxygenation and sunlight
  • Exercise
  • Proper management of stress

It does not make any sense to do any other ‘DETOX’ if we are not doing these things.

Many people feel better when they do stringent ‘DETOXES OR CLEANSES’.  This could be mainly because their system is weak and they feel better with less food to digest. They will feel better temporarily, but what happens over a long period of time with repeated detoxes. The Digestive power of the body keeps going down. So this is not really detoxing, the body is just getting relief from not eating that much. Detoxing with a lot of fasting and digestive flushing could also really dry the body and affect the sleep.

What are the factors to consider for undertaking DETOX AND CLEANSES.

AGE:  The older the body gets the greater its need for rejuvenation and the gentler any external detox or cleanse should be that is undertaken.

CONSTITUTION: According to the Ayurvedic classification of the Constitutions, the heavier, KAPHA constitution people are in more need for  and can tolerate detoxes better.  The thinner, VATA people generally do not tolerate it well.

VITALITY:  People with lowered vitality do not tolerate strong detoxes and need to go gently.

SEASONS: It is better to detox in the warmer summer months and have warm nourishing food in the winter months.

LIFESTYLE: Has the person been leading a generally healthy lifestyle for much of their life or are they jumping into a cleanse for the first time? If so, it should be gentle and they would have to go slowly. Is the person on any Medication? Are there any Addictions? What is the seriousness of their overall health problem?

Additionally of great importance is to have adequate Rest, Peace and Quiet during this time. Detoxing should not be undertaken in an environment of Stress and High activity.


To summarize, For detoxing the body:

1. Support and Boost the natural channels and mechanisms which the amazing intelligence of the body has put into place.

2. Then consider various other factors before undertaking any DETOX or CLEANSES, when required so they can be of maximum benefit.


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