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Lack of EnergyH.S. - Lack of Energy

When I started the program, I was suffering from lack of energy and inability to actively perform my day-to-day functions.

In the afternoon my energy was so low I had to go to sleep. No amount of Vitamin tablets were able to pick me up.

Having completed my Program I have regained my energy and zest for life.

Even though a few weeks late I am writing to say a big Thank you!

I now work every day till 7pm and do not feel tired. It was a mini miracle as far as I am concerned and would have no hesitation in recommending your treatments to any of my friends or colleagues.

Good wishes in your efforts to assist people to regain vitality using Natural, drug free technology.

Mr H.S. (London)

Aches & Pains, High Blood Pressure.Aches and Pains

The beautiful thing about Dr Simi Khanna’s Cellular Medicine techniques is that they are completely logical. Healthy cells in the body make for a healthy life. After the first couple of Active Oxygen treatments, I felt a surge of energy throughout my body and a number of minor aches and pains disappeared. In particular my knees have been weak for a number of years. I could walk fine but getting up from a chair or walking downstairs has been difficult. After receiving the light/photon treatment both knees recovered some of their strength and I now find it easier to move up and down.

I have also followed most of the nutrition advice given by Dr Khanna and have lost some weight. My blood pressure which was rather high has dropped into an acceptable range again. It all makes good sense and provided I follow the nutrition steps I am confident that these therapies will have given my 79 year old body a new lease of life.

Mr C.D.

Thank you Dr Simi Khanna.


Bad AsthmaRelief from Bad Asthma

Suddenly last year, I developed bad asthma. The doctor and specialist prescribed steroids and Ventolin, which relieved it but I have never liked the idea of medicines or drugs.

Dr Khanna gave me a series of treatments and altered my diet. Very soon all the asthma symptoms vanished. I am completely well and very full of thanks to Dr Khanna

Thank you Dr Simi Khanna.

Chronic Cough Lasted 8 MonthsChronic Cough Lasted 8 Months

I just had to write to let you know that my cough has gone at last. After 8 months of antibiotics and proprietary cough medicines, I came to see you and within a month the cough was on its way out and a month later it’s as though it had never existed.

The tiredness is less and my brain seems to be working a little faster – more like the old me!

Thank you Dr Simi Khanna.

Various Treatments for Regulating Health


I regularly saw Dr Simi Khanna, who specializes in various treatments (non-drug) for regulating health – so can be used for most situations/diseases.

I initially went for arthritis and general low energy but I quickly realized that the treatments were effecting other areas and made a huge improvement to my stress and energy levels and general health.

She is a very nice woman and before concentrating on non-drug therapies, was trained and practiced as an allopathic doctor, so is knowledgeable of ailments and general health.

All the best,

Fiona Hedger-Gourlay.

Stomach Pains


Since moving to India, my 11 year old daughter seemed to be constantly unwell with many different minor ailments and had had more than her fair share of antibiotics prescribed. After complaining for a day or so of stomach pains, sometimes acute, other times not so bad, I sought the advice of Dr Simi Khanna.

Simi had been treating me over a period of months and I decided it was time for my daughter to see her. After some tests and scans we ruled out appendicitis, and Simi then treated her using the Biofeedback system. She diagnosed a form of Candida which was a result of too much sugar and too many antibiotics. I then changed my daughter’s diet and after a few days she was pain free and has not had a stomach pain since – or an antibiotic.

Not only were we able to put my daughter on the road to good health naturally, but this also served as a warning that she was eating the wrong food which could cause substantial health problems further down the line.

Thank you Simi,

Cathy Alphonso.

Dr Khanna Saved My Life

wellness-saves-livesThree years ago I became very ill.  I saw dozens of different practitioners, but not much help was given to me.  Eventually a friend of mine recommended that I should see Dr Khanna.

I cannot cover in one page, or even twenty, what she had done for me.  She is the first and only one who actually diagnosed exactly what was wrong with the body, and set out to handle it.  And she did, fully!!

I can safely say, that for that time, Dr Khanna has saved my life.

IBS and Related Stomach Problems

natural-ibs-treatmentAfter four years of continuous stomach problems I sought help, (following a recommendation) from Dr S. Khanna.  Previously my GP had assured me that I was suffering from IBS and that it could not be cured, but could be controlled.

This was proven not to be the case, as my symptoms escalated and my quality of life was to the point where I felt it would be difficult to leave the house.  Now after several months of treatment from Dr Khanna, by way of  treatment and medication, I am now cured.  My life has returned to its former self.

Thank you Dr Simi Khanna.

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