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The Bony Benefits of Prunes.


6 Prunes a Day!


The substantial benefits of eating 6 Prunes per day for Bone Building has been concluded by a recent Clinical Study led by Researcher Dr Shirin Hooshmand !


The Study ran a six month trial with 48 women in their late 60’s/early 70’s with diagnosed Osteopenia.

16 participants ate 50 grams, (approx 6 prunes) per day, 16 others ate 100 grams (approx 9-10 prunes) daily and the remaining 16 formed the Control group that ate dried apples.

The Bone mineral density in the Hip, Lumbar spine and Forearm were measured of all the participants.

Other factors like Vit D status, Calcium intake, Exercise, Diet which affect Bone Health were also taken into consideration.

In the Apple eating Control group the BMD remain unchanged or decreased.

In the other 2 groups the Spine density increased while the Forearm and Hip BMD remained the same.

The difference in BMD increase was not significant in these 2 groups.

However in both groups (not Control), a specific marker of Bone resorption called TRAP-5b was found to be significantly lower at 3 months and 6 months of the Study, indicating that eating either amount had long lasting positive impact on bone turnover.

It was thus concluded that 50 grams (6 prunes) was adequate for most women to get such Bone benefits.


So to get this magical number of 6 in your daily diet, aim to eat 2 prunes after each meal!


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6 Key Factors that Enhance the Functioning of Our Body.


Key factors that enhance the Functioning of our body:

The well-being of our body is directly related to allowing its natural rhythms to function harmoniously and the key factors that enhance this is what I have coined as :

“The 6 R’s”

  1. Regularity of Schedule, eating, sleeping at regular times and avoiding drastic changes in diet and activity
  2. Resting quietly for short periods once or twice a day so it can reset itself
  3. Removing or reducing swiftly any stressful or high risk situations
  4. Restoring order in all aspects of your life without getting distracted
  5. Retaining your calm and addressing any underlying emotions that reduce joy
  6. Remembering that Life is a game and being emotionally resilient!


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Festive Winter Warmers.


Healthy Winter Warmers to enjoy during the Festive season.


Winter is that time of the year when Nature and its creatures take a break, humans included.

It is the season both for hibernation and festivities (which includes food and drink). These are few of my favorite ‘cocktails’ which are delicious, warming, have numerous health benefits and especially useful in keeping the sniffles away at this time of the year.

I use Organic whole spices and ingredients with proportions to suit the palette.



1. Spice it up!


Green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black pepper, Ginger grated/cut, Licorice root (optional), Green Tea leaves (optional).


  1. To a pan of boiling water add the above ingredients in a proportion you desire, going easy on the cloves  2. Cover with lid and simmer for 5-10 minutes 3. Strain into your favorite tea cup and enjoy!


2. Golden Milk

Ingredients to make the Golden paste: 1 to 1.5 cups Water,  1/2 cup Turmeric powder, 5 Tbsp Virgin Coconut oil, Ginger (optional), 1.5 tsp Black pepper and 1/4 tsp Cinnamon.


  1. In a pan, mix the Turmeric powder into a cup of water, slowly heat and stir for 5-8 minutes till you get a thick paste. 2.  Add ginger, pepper, cinnamon and Coconut oil. 3. Continue stirring till everything is mixed. 4. Allow the paste to cool. 5.  Heat a cup of ‘milk’ of your choice and blend in one tsp of this Golden paste to make this healthy Golden Milk to be enjoyed at any time of the day !

The rest of the paste can be refrigerated in a glass bottle for a couple of weeks.  As I am not an advocate of dairy or soy milk , I suggest using Additive free Almond/Rice/Oat/Coconut milk. I personally use Organic Almond milk by Rude Health which is easily available in most supermarkets in U.K. This Almond milk contains some Rice milk in it which makes it naturally sweet thus avoiding the need to use any sweeteners.


3. Cinnamon Fruit Smoothie


1 cup water, 1 banana, 1 pear, 3 Figs (fresh or dried), small piece of ginger, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, Seeds of your choice.


Blend the above in a high speed blender for 1/2 to 1 minute for a winter warming smoothie. It tastes good even without figs.


Wishing you a Very Happy & Healthy Festive Season. Cheers!


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An Essential Mineral Found to Reduce Risk of Stroke.


Review Study Reveals Potassium Intake can Reduce the Risk of Stroke by 13%.

A Review of all the Studies till August 2016, into the relation between the intake of  Potassium and the incidence of mortality from various types of Stroke, was undertaken by Researchers from Italy, Sweden and USA . The Review revealed a 13% decrease in risk of Stroke in subjects with higher intake of Potassium, with the lowest risk occurring at the intake of 3500 mgs/day. (Vincent M, etal. Meta-analysis of Potassium intake and Risk of Stroke, 2016)

Incidentally, the new Recommended Daily Intake for Potassium has also been increased to 4700 mgs/day!


Potassium works by protecting blood vessels from Oxidative damage and prevents them from thickening.

Some of the Food sources of Potassium are:

Avocados, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Kale, Mushrooms, Fennel, Brussel Sprouts, Parsnips, Squashes, Beans, Lentils, Split Peas, Fish, Coconut water, Yoghurt or Kefir, Bananas, Lemons, Guavas, Passion Fruit, Apricots, Figs, Nectarines, Cantaloupe and Honey Dew Melons.


In light of this revelatory Research it is even more important to add these delicious foods to our diet for lowering the risk of Stroke and leading a healthier life.


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Healthy Breakfast Options - Nutri- Porridge


I am often asked for some Healthy Breakfast Options, as breakfast, although it doesn’t have to be so, is usually a different kind of meal to lunch and dinner.

I will share with you my favorite healthy breakfast options, starting with this one today!



 All Organic, suitable for folks on Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy, Gluten and Egg free diets.


What’s in Nutri-Porridge?

  • GF OATS – You can use other GF grains of your choice, eg Millet, Buckwheat etc . I favor Oats which I find soothing.
  • SEEDS – of your choice. I like to use Pumpkin, sunflower, chia, linseeds, SPROUTED Alfa-alfa and Broccoli seeds.
  • NUTS – of your choice. I use a mixture of whole and ground nuts. My choice is mainly almonds, walnuts, pine nuts.
  • BERRIES – as per availability/ choice. I like to use Blueberries and Goji berries.
  • FRUIT/S – (other) variable eg half a banana, half an apple or a few pieces of pineapple…
  • SUPER FOODS – a wide variety available now a days, e.g, powdered Greens, Spirulina, Maca etc. Currently, I open up 2 capsules of Collagen (hydrolysed) and sprinkle them on the mixture.
  • LIQUIDS – I prefer Water, but you may use Coconut water in which case there may not be need of much fruit.
  • GARNISH – Sometimes I add Almond or Walnut butter as a garnish on top.


Nutri-Porridge Proportions?

Variable per your choice and quantity of consumption. I use less oats, 1-2 bits of fruit, & more of nuts, seeds etc..


Nutri-Porridge Preparation?

I may soak the oats separately overnight or may not depending upon time! If soaked, you can discard the water which will remove some of the starch. It is beneficial to soak the nuts and some seeds which make them easier to digest.

Prior to heating the oats in a stainless steel or ceramic saucepan, I usually prepare and get the rest of the ingredients like nuts, seeds, chopped fruit, super-food powders, etc… together in a bowl of my choice.

It usually looks quite colorful and appetizing!

Then I start heating the oats with a small amount of water as I like the consistency to be thick. You can add the desired amount of liquid to make it thick/runny, to the consistency you enjoy. The mixture gets quite gelatinous and sticks to the pan fast, hence I put together the rest of the ingredients in the bowl first so I can constantly stir this oats mixture.

Cook first on medium high heat and then reduce heat till cooked and to the desired consistency. Turn off the heat and spoon the creamy oats onto the colorful nutritious Nature’s mix in your bowl.


Appreciate, sit down and enjoy your  warm Nutri-porridge healthy breakfast right away before it turns cold !


Email if you have any questions.


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A Wellness Exercise. What you Focus on EXPANDS!


What you focus on EXPANDS!


Focus On


Your WELLNESS – rather than – Your Illness

Breathing, Laughing (OXYGEN) – rather than – Smoking, Stressing..

                                Moving  (Exercise) -rather than- Sitting                                         

Sun-LIGHT -rather than – WiFi…

Wholesome ORGANIC – rather than – Junk Processed Non-organic

AQUA PURA, Coconut water, Herbal teas – rather than – Cola’s, Soda’s, Alcohol

Sit down ENJOYABLE meals – rather than – Stand up- Gobble down stuff

Healthy FATS – rather than – Sugar, Refined Carbs

NATURAL – rather than – Synthetic

SLEEP (Regeneration) – rather than – Late nights, TV (Degeneration)

SMILING – rather than – Moping

MUSIC – rather than – Gossip

ACTION – rather than – Procastination

LISTENING – rather than – Only Talking

Being INTERESTED – rather than – Being Interesting

APPRECIATING – rather than – Merely Criticising

COURAGE – rather than – Weakness

HOPE – rather than – Regret

FAITH – rather than – Doubt

PLENTY – rather than – Scarcity

PRESENT & FUTURE – rather than – Past

I  AM – rather than – I AM NOT

 To Your Wellness

Dr Simi Khanna

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