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Harness your Gifts for Wellness.

3 Steps to Harness your Gifts for Wellness.


Often we humans get strongly attached to the outcomes we desire in life and if these do not meet our expectations we tend to get deeply disappointed. Focusing constantly on these feelings of disappointment we begin to sow seeds of Unwellness!

If you have felt that way, consider taking these 3 steps that will shift your view point and harness the power of your gifts to make roads for your Wellness.


1. Finding your Gifts

Expand your vision, look at yourself and what surrounds you. You will soon find you have been blessed with countless gifts that you were not even aware of or have taken for granted… and that life itself is a gift!

You have the miraculous gift of a self regulatory body. A heart that constantly beats itself… A digestive process that works to provide nourishment from the food that nature provides … Breath that provides you with life and countless other automated processes that give you the gift of livingness and human experience on Earth.

You will find you are surrounded with an abundance of gifts from Nature! The Sun that gives our days Light, warmth, nutrients, cheer… The Earth that houses us, grounds us, shelters innumerable other creatures and forms of life, grows infinite variety of trees, plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits that provide us with healthy and tasty feasts, nourishment, healing colours, herbs and sounds. The Atmosphere, seas and forests that provide us with healthy frequencies and rich ions. The life giving air we breathe, the water we drink, the darkness of night so we can recuperate…


2. Appreciate your Gifts

Once you awaken to the presence of these rich gifts, you will never take them for granted or abandon them. Let us not come to this realisation once we are unwell, for Wellness itself is a gift ! Take time to appreciate the gifts life gives and what they bring to you…  We are sentient Beings and have the unique gift to feel and experience.. Linger in the morning rays of the sun, watch the amazing colours of the sunset, the calm moonlight, the twinkling of stars in the vast sky, the aroma and colour of flowers, the amazing shapes and tastes of varied plants and fruits, feel grateful for them and remain in a state of awe for this bounty!


3. Focus on the feelings of Gratitude

Learn to repeatedly focus on your gifts, the feelings of gratitude and the state of awe they bring. Focusing on the feelings of Gratitude brings joy to the heart, triggers the release of  healing chemicals by the body laying strong grounds for your Wellness!

Inspired by the writings in the Sikh holy Scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib


To Your Wellness!

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Your Wellness Journey.


Your Journey to Wellness Sometimes Starts with Many Questions.

As a Practitioner,  I am frequently asked these questions:

  • “Have you  treated or can you treat XYZ dis-ease?”
  • “Can the treatment / remedy you prescribe get rid of XYZ disease or symptom?”
  • “Can you get me Well?”


My answer is, I can certainly assist you on your path to Wellness using my knowledge, experience as well as the use of various modalities in personalising and delivering your Wellness programs, but it is ultimately you who will get yourself Well.

The factors causing your situation and the journey to resolution are unique to YOU! Here you will gain your own Why’s, insights, experiences, lessons to learn, new ways of thinking and lifestyles that serve you. The path is a process not a protocol.

… Appreciate what you have, Focus on your Wellness, more than your illness. Focus on what you want (your wellness and vibrant health) rather than what you don’t (your named illness and symptoms). And… Seek assistance when needed to optimise your best result for what you clearly want.

What you focus on expands!


To your Wellness…

Dr Simi Khanna

A Wellness Exercise. What you Focus on EXPANDS!


What you focus on EXPANDS!


Focus On


Your WELLNESS – rather than – Your Illness

Breathing, Laughing (OXYGEN) – rather than – Smoking, Stressing..

                                Moving  (Exercise) -rather than- Sitting                                         

Sun-LIGHT -rather than – WiFi…

Wholesome ORGANIC – rather than – Junk Processed Non-organic

AQUA PURA, Coconut water, Herbal teas – rather than – Cola’s, Soda’s, Alcohol

Sit down ENJOYABLE meals – rather than – Stand up- Gobble down stuff

Healthy FATS – rather than – Sugar, Refined Carbs

NATURAL – rather than – Synthetic

SLEEP (Regeneration) – rather than – Late nights, TV (Degeneration)

SMILING – rather than – Moping

MUSIC – rather than – Gossip

ACTION – rather than – Procastination

LISTENING – rather than – Only Talking

Being INTERESTED – rather than – Being Interesting

APPRECIATING – rather than – Merely Criticising

COURAGE – rather than – Weakness

HOPE – rather than – Regret

FAITH – rather than – Doubt

PLENTY – rather than – Scarcity

PRESENT & FUTURE – rather than – Past

I  AM – rather than – I AM NOT

 To Your Wellness

Dr Simi Khanna

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