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A Medical Marvel!


A 25 year old  Robotics Engineer Diwakar Vaish has collaborated with A Neuro scientist Dr Deepak Agrawal at the famous AIIMS, (All India Institute Of Medical Science) Delhi to develop the smallest and most inexpensive Pocket Ventilator !


The Ventilator is 450 times smaller than a conventional Ventilator, looks like a Mobile phone and can be slipped into a pocket.


It does not require Oxygen cylinder/s to function as it runs on atmospheric air and operates both on power and battery with an almost nil operational cost.

It is controlled by an Android app which adjusts the air supply to match the normal breathing pattern of the patient.

An earlier portable Ventilator also pushes in air but does so at a fixed frequency not necessarily matching the person’s breathing pattern leading to a non-optimum oxygen saturation.


An FDA approved disposable ventilator is also available but has a shelf life of only about 4 weeks !

Currently India faces a huge shortage of Ventilator beds for critically ill patients as well as interrupted power supply for the functioning of Ventilators.

This  marvellous venture will provide an affordable option for families to buy portable Ventilators to use at home, as well as the ability to be used in remote areas where power supply is greatly reduced.


The expected cost after the Clinical trails and approvals is set to be only 15,000 to 20,000 Indian Rupees…

A huge applause to them both for developing this highly beneficial and needed Medical Marvel !


Email if you have any questions.

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The Forgotten Channel of Detoxification.


The Forgotten Channel of Detoxification

My last blog post talked about Detox and Cleanses to Get Back to Good Health. Continuing the subject of Detoxification, the Drainage system of the body which is oft forgotten, the importance of which can not be stressed enough is the Lymphatic System.

This network of Lymph channels is larger than the Arterial system and travels along with the blood vessels and nerves in the body and carries a milky white fluid.

The Lymphatic system removes waste from every cell in our body and also regulates the Immune system as the important cells of our Immune system are highly active in the Lymph nodes of our body. It is the biggest waste drain in our body which if not supported can get clogged.

Some Symptoms of Lymph Congestion are Tiredness, Bloating, Swelling (including of Breasts), Stiff and sore muscles, Dry skin, Itchy skin, Brain fog, Cold hands and feet.


Supporting Lymph Drainage

The Lymph system drains well in an alkaline and hydrated environment. STRESS and Acid forming Diets decrease the alkalinity of the body cells. Drinking adequate amount of WATER is a very important habit to keep the Lymph flowing. All RED FOODS and HERBS speed the movement of Lymph eg Beets and Berries. EXERCISE plays an important role especially the use of Trampoline Rebounder and climbing up and down the stairs are effective Lymph moving exercises. Massage is another good Lymph mover.

It is important to have the channels of detoxification open and flowing well before undertaking any stringent cleanses so that the toxins can be moved out of the body without harming or straining it.

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Do Smartphones Cause ADHD like Symptoms?

Do Smartphones Cause ADHD like Symptoms?

Is Digital Information overload altering the Wiring and Circuitry of our Brains and Body?


Research at the University of Virginia shows that when students kept their mobile phones on Ring/Vibrate mode with alerts on, they reported symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity, akin to ADHD, than when they kept their phones on Silent mode.

The Univ of Virginia study led by research scientist Kostadin Kushlev, assigned 221 students for a period of one week with their mobile phones within easy reach and maximal phone interruptions by keeping their phone alerts on and another week with mobile phones away, minimal phone interruptions by keeping the alerts off.

At the end of each week, the participants completed questionnaires assessing inattention and hyperactivity. The results showed that participants experienced significantly higher levels of inattention and hyperactivity when the phone alerts were turned on.


“We found the first experimental evidence that smartphone interruptions can cause greater inattention and hyperactivity — symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — even in people drawn from a nonclinical population,” – University of Virginia research scientist Kostadin Kushlev.


The study concluded that people not diagnosed with ADHD, experienced some of the disorder’s symptoms including distraction, fidgeting, restlessness, losing focus etc.


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Lack of EnergyH.S. - Lack of Energy

When I started the program, I was suffering from lack of energy and inability to actively perform my day-to-day functions.

In the afternoon my energy was so low I had to go to sleep. No amount of Vitamin tablets were able to pick me up.

Having completed my Program I have regained my energy and zest for life.

Even though a few weeks late I am writing to say a big Thank you!

I now work every day till 7pm and do not feel tired. It was a mini miracle as far as I am concerned and would have no hesitation in recommending your treatments to any of my friends or colleagues.

Good wishes in your efforts to assist people to regain vitality using Natural, drug free technology.

Mr H.S. (London)

Study Reveals Dangerous Molecules of Bacteria in Processed Foods.


Leicester University Study reveals Dangerous Molecules of Bacteria in Processed Foods.


A new study published in the journal of ‘Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular diseases’ headed by Dr C. Erridge at the University of Leicester has shed further light on the problems associated with consuming processed foods.

Analysis of processed foods done found majority of the products contained a bacteria that gives rise to PAMPS (Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns) which is linked to various disease states including Cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

The processed foods included:

  • Burgers and sausages
  • Ready chopped vegetables
  • Ready meals especially Lasagne / Bolognese
  • Certain cheeses and chocolates


Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit hardly have any PAMPS, but once the food is chopped finely and left for some time they appear and are thought to grow with refrigeration and processing.

A diet low in PAMPS tested on a group of people for one week showed:

  • Lowering of body weight (average 0.6kg)
  • Reduced weight circumference (1.5cm)
  • 18% lowering of harmful cholesterol levels


The researchers say the risk to consumers can be greatly reduced by food manufacturers through detecting and eliminating the source of contamination in food production.

This would make the food healthier with hardly any change in taste or cost.


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The Verdict on High Protein diets and High Fat diets!


The Verdict on High Protein Diets and High Fat Diets!


Research and discussion on the 2 recent varieties of diets have highlighted the following factors:

High Protein diets:

While consumption of Unprocessed, grass fed, high quality animal proteins have shown to be a vital source of energy and health, they also produce 2 unhealthy molecules.

  • One of the molecules promotes inflammation making the person more liable to heart disease, stroke, memory loss, impotence and Cancer.
  • The other chemical produced in increased amounts leads to Kidney failure.


High Fat diets:

The importance of consuming good quality fats can not be overemphasised.

Consumption of fats was vilified for a long time especially due to their cholesterol connection and the public was advised to consume low fat diets.

Recent research has confirmed that consumption of good quality unrefined fats including saturated fats from sources like Butter, Ghee, Coconut oil are paramount for the functioning of the body especially the tissues and organs that contain/ are made up of fat eg the membranes of cells, brain… and it is indeed good news that the public is being made aware of these facts.

However diets high in fats can also clog up the membranes of cells in individuals with rigid or unhealthy cell membranes. This hampers the transport of nutrients and toxins into and out of the cells thereby further decreasing energy levels and healthy functioning of the cells.

Saturated fats also breaks down the blood -brain barrier , a natural barrier which prevents inflammatory molecules entering the brain. High consumption of such fats lets sugar into the brain, leading to short term high or alerting of senses as seen even in Alzheimers and has been likened to cocaine.


The Verdict and moral of the research and much discussion thus leads us back to the adage that Anything in excess is toxic and moderation is the key.


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The World Health Organisation (WHO) labels GLYPHOSATE as a 'PROBABLE CARCINOGEN'. #glyphosate #healthandwellness #wellnesstips #healthtips #drsimikhanna


Dear Patients and Friends,

Am writing this Newsletter so you become aware of this VITAL Information in order to protect your health.


On 20th March 2015, the World Health Organisation (WHO) labeled GLYPHOSATE as a ‘PROBABLE CARCINOGEN’.


Glyphosate is a heavily used herbicide/weed killer which is being sprayed on crops since around 2002.

  • Main crops sprayed are Corn, Soya, Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Potatoes, Beetroot, Canola, Sunflower and Alfa-alfa.
  • It has been found in Cotton clothes, Tampons, cotton balls and even sterile gauze in hospitals.
  • Animals eg Cattle that feed on Corn and Soya were found to have high levels of Glyophosate in them.
  • Even detected in high percentages in air (86%) and rain (77%) samples taken from Mississippi (2007). Possibly increased levels found now. (M.S. Majewski etal, Feb 2014).
  • It is also added to most vaccines including Flu Vaccines.


Studies show its Main Toxic effects are:

  • Kills Beneficial Bacteria of the gut which produce many health giving substances and allows pathogens/harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi etc to grow. This leads to Inflammatory Bowel diseases (Crohn’s, Colitis etc) , other Infections and Cancers.
  • Chelates or removes Important Minerals from the body responsible for many enzymatic processes.
  • Disrupts the synthesis of some Essential Amino acids, leading to shortages in Key Neurotransmitters eg Dopamine, Melatonin, Serotonin  which may lead to Parkinson’s, Sleep and other Neurological disorders.
  • Disrupts the Liver enzymes necessary for removing toxins from our body.
  • Disrupts enzymes involved in the Energy producing cycle of the body.
  • Causes Deficiency and Disrupts  the functioning of Nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Glutathione…
  • Affects the functioning of Thyroid hormones and the anti-oxidant defense of the body.


We are now  seeing in the general public increasing numbers of and epidemic proportions of these conditions:

  • Wheat and Sugar hypersensitivities
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Leaky Gut and Inflammatory Bowel diseases linked to its use- Crohn’s, Colitis, Coeliac  (AA Shehata,   Apr 2013, Current Microbiology)
  • Autism, Attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer, Dementias, Parkinsons
  • Glyphosate linked directly to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (M.Eriksson et al Germany:Intn J Cancer 2008,1 Oct)


Some Good News:

  • Although used prevalently, it is found in lower concentrations in Europe than in USA and Australia. The highest concentrations have been found in South Korea.
  • Crops sprayed with Glyphosate are not thriving well and farmers are now questioning its use??
  • 3 countries-. Sri-Lanka, Bermuda and El-Salvador have banned its use.


Healthy Natural Solutions:

  • Get aware of the situation and make others aware of it to protect your health and of the future generation.
  • Buy and Eat organic and where possible Grow organic.                                                                  Although this and other toxins are still found in organic food due to there presence in the environment, they have been measured at much lower levels and this is an important route back to a healthy planet. The more the public demands it, the more will be its availability with lowered prices.
  • Eat foods high in Sulfur, which assists in removing toxins from the body eg Cruciferous vegetables (Brocc, cabbage, kale, sprouts, cauli. rocket etc), onions, garlic, eggs, Chicken, other meats, almonds…
  • Spend time at the sea-side/ beach as the air contains higher levels of Sulfur.
  • Expose your body to Sunlight, to get Vitamin D.
  • Practice ‘Grounding’ eg walking or standing bare foot on soil, to absorb the negative ions/ charge of the Earth which help to dissipate  toxins and reset the balance of the body.


How could we have ever believed that it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons? ” Jane Goodall


Best wishes!

Call Dr Simi Khanna at 07805982533 or email for a Free Consult.


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Air to a Fortune


“Air” to a Fortune.

With over 30 years of experience in clinical medicine and wellness it is still incredible to realise that clean air is truly the breath of life. It is a priceless element in my unique Cellular Medicine technology along with light and water. My Wellness Therapies harness the wonderfully therapeutic powers of these basic elements, based on ancient knowledge and revitalised with modern technological innovations.


Your Body Can Heal Itself!

Realising that the body’s cells are our basic building blocks and by feeding them with the necessary ingredients of air, light and water plus nutrients and vibrations, all natively found in them, I have been able to help many patients restore their body’s own ability to heal itself.


Too Simple?

It sounds almost too simple doesn’t it? But remember that the most effective developments in life tend towards simplicity not complexity!


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Recover and Recharge Energy.


Launch of a Wellness Program to Recover and Recharge Energy.

Energy is the Spark of Life and the Foundation to Good Health!


This program consists of a series of treatments which work to:

  • Regulate the part of the Nervous system that enhances Relaxation and Blood Flow
  • Recharge the Energy producing factory in our cells
  • Boost antioxidants and other anti-ageing mechanisms


The treatments delivered usually over 3 weeks are:

  • Gentle and non-invasive.
  • Utilise elements of Nature that are also natively found in our cells leading to healthy function of the body.
  • Ancient knowledge delivered by modern technology.
  • Oxygen from Air activated by energised Light photons filtered through Water along with Nutrients.


Do You Want to Recover and Recharge Your Energy?

Book a Free Consultation with Dr Simi Khanna now

to embark on the program to Recover and Recharge your energy.

East Grinstead .,

 (Dr Simi Khanna MBBS, DhoM, DipBRT
Over 30 yrs of clinical experience)

Thanks again for your help. A course of treatment under your guidance was most successful…

Mrs D.R.


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Your Body Was Designed To Heal Itself!

So What’s Stopping It?


Man has this peculiar habit of trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead of using what works we try to be clever and come up with something new.


Eventually we lose sight of the original workable concept and in the case of the body, confuse it by giving it substances that are designed to replace what the body can do naturally in the first place.


Wouldn’t it be far better to repair our bodies with the same elements that the body’s intelligence uses to allow it to function in a healthy way?


Have these elements been damaged or depleted & preventing your body from using its own natural healing skills?

If so can they be repaired?

Yes They Can!


Let’s get down to basics.

The cells which make up the body contain essential elements that exist in nature, namely Oxygen derived from Air, Water, Light Photons and Nutrients. These are energised by physical and emotional vibrations to support our life functions.

You feel as well as your cells are receiving these natural ingredients, so that the body regains the energy to heal itself.


In order to repair the system, Dr Simi Khanna has devised a simple, non-invasive method, using modern scientific equipment, which detects imbalances in your cells and provides them with much needed and entirely natural elements.

This immediately enables the inherent intelligence of your body to move past illness and greatly enhance your quality of life.


Don’t go past your ‘cell-by’ date!

Call . to Book a free initial consultation with Dr Simi Khanna in order to restore the wellness you deserve!

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