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The Bony Benefits of Prunes.


6 Prunes a Day!


The substantial benefits of eating 6 Prunes per day for Bone Building has been concluded by a recent Clinical Study led by Researcher Dr Shirin Hooshmand !


The Study ran a six month trial with 48 women in their late 60’s/early 70’s with diagnosed Osteopenia.

16 participants ate 50 grams, (approx 6 prunes) per day, 16 others ate 100 grams (approx 9-10 prunes) daily and the remaining 16 formed the Control group that ate dried apples.

The Bone mineral density in the Hip, Lumbar spine and Forearm were measured of all the participants.

Other factors like Vit D status, Calcium intake, Exercise, Diet which affect Bone Health were also taken into consideration.

In the Apple eating Control group the BMD remain unchanged or decreased.

In the other 2 groups the Spine density increased while the Forearm and Hip BMD remained the same.

The difference in BMD increase was not significant in these 2 groups.

However in both groups (not Control), a specific marker of Bone resorption called TRAP-5b was found to be significantly lower at 3 months and 6 months of the Study, indicating that eating either amount had long lasting positive impact on bone turnover.

It was thus concluded that 50 grams (6 prunes) was adequate for most women to get such Bone benefits.


So to get this magical number of 6 in your daily diet, aim to eat 2 prunes after each meal!


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Wholefood Fats Debunk the Cholesterol Myth Again!


Wholefood Fats debunk the Cholesterol myth again

Consumption of high Wholefood fats bust the Myth on Fat Cholesterol theory yet again.


From a Study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine (15th October 2015):

  • Candidates for the study consumed High fat vegan diets, where 20 to 40% of their diet was fat from wholefood sources or were near vegan, where less than 10% of the calories consumed were from animal sources
  • On an Average the person lost more than 50lbs in weight and kept it off
  • Average Cholesterol dropped
  • Average Blood pressure dropped and had results better than drugs. Out of the 445 participants where 200 of them were on no medication, saw an average drop of Systolic pressure of 26mm Hg, with 8 cases showing dramatic reversal of severe heart disease.


Please note the choice of fats was mainly from a variety of whole plant based foods which had Fats along with Phytonutrients, lignans and fibre eg Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Olives (NOT FROM THERE EXTRACTED OILS)… and some animal protein from various sources. The Diet was not combined or substituted with high carbohydrates.


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